What does Initiate Care offer?

As a first-aid company, we offer training and supplies so that companies, individuals, families, and caregivers can have confidence in the case of emergency. 

Are your supplies different from what I get in the store?

Yes, although we can source different types of first-aid materials, we encourage our clients to use a high weave commercial bandage and other sterile products whenever possible. 

What type of first-aid training do you offer?

We offer both certification and non-certification training opportunities. Our class list includes basic through advanced CPR and First-Aid training curriculums from multiple nationwide organizations such as The American Safety and Health Institute and the American Red Cross. This includes Basic Life Support (BLS) and Responding to Emergencies (RTE).  We also offer TIPs training for proper alcohol service. 

Where does first-aid training take place?

We teach private classes at a location of your choice. 

We believe that our students learn more when they are in a comfortable setting and are in an environment that allows them to see where an accident can occur.

How do I schedule first-aid training?

We set up our training around your schedule, there are no day or time restrictions. Whether you’re a couple, a camp, or a busy restaurant, we realize that attempting to gather a group of people with different schedules is not easy. We strive to make scheduling as convenient as possible. 

Is there anything that I need to do to prepare for my training?

Some of our classes require review of the materials prior to the class.  Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a link to an ebook as well as our reading list.  

Links to our ebooks and ready reference materials are below:

Basic First-Aid Manual (Adults)

Basic First-Aid Manual (Pediatric)

Advanced First-Aid Manual

Will I receive a certificate after completing my training?

Only if you are specifically seeking one, which is typical for individuals required to be certified for their respective employment. We offer different pricing structures to make the classes more accessible for those people who just want to learn how to help someone. 

All of our instructors have a minimum level of training as an advanced care CPR/first-aid instructor. This gives us the ability to provide certificates for those people that want them, and to provide a similar level of training for other people who don’t require an official document.

Am I required to apply my emergency training if I’ve earned a certificate?

You are only required to do apply your training if you have a duty to act. You should not help someone in an emergency situation unless you feel comfortable doing so. If you have a duty to act, then you will be made aware of it ahead of time.

What is the Good Samaritan Law and how does it affect me?

The Good Samaritan Law is a law across all 50 states, absolving rescuers from liability as long as they stay within the scope of their training. For example, more often than not, people ask about providing a tracheotomy. This procedure is definitely outside of the scope of our classes.

If I have questions after my initial training, can I reach out to my instructor? 

We encourage all of our students to continue to review course materials and/or reach out to us directly if they have questions (Please don't video chat us during an emergency).  (info@initiatecare.com)

I want to set up a training class for infants and/or toddlers, but I can't find someone to watch my kid(s). I still want to take a baby safety/toddler safety class, do I have any options? 

It's always preferred to have our students focused solely on the training during class,  but we understand that finding someone to help out with the child(ren) isn't always possible.  We can work around most requests, just let us know.

Group Pricing

We offer 4 different types of pricing: per student, couples (parents/caregivers only), group, and monthly packages. Each type provides options for our clients to save money as they add in more students. Send us a message for more information.


You can pay online using the link included in your confirmation email, or we accept cash or check at the time of class.

Cancellation policy

Cancellations prior to 48 hours from the scheduled class time can be refunded in full. Cancellations within 48 hours of the scheduled class time require payment of 75% of the total class or the per student price.