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with safety in the workplace and at home

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First-Aid Kits & Supplies

If you can spare 7 minutes, we can assess your first-aid supply needs and create a service schedule that’s built around what you want for your business and your staff. We manage your supplies responsibly and transparently so that you don’t have to worry about it.

  • If you don’t see an item on our spec sheet, just ask! We carry a full range of safety supplies that cover basic to advanced emergencies

  • We proactively manage your supplies, concerned with any usage discrepancies

  • 12-24 hour response time 

  • Save money with competitive pricing as well as better stocking practices

  • Simple and transparent invoicing, if you have a question, we have answers


Safety Training & Certifications

We offer both certification and non-certification level safety classes, in CPR, First Aid and Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPs). Regardless of the training level, all students walk away with the skills and confidence necessary to respond to emergency situations.

  • We teach 7 days a week, and at most hours of the day and night. Tell us 3 days/times that work best for you and let us see how we can help. 

  • On-site training – students learn to handle emergencies where they will occur

  • CPR and First-aid certifications provided through the American Red Cross

  • Customizable programs

  • No minimums


360° Safety Plan

Group our supplies and safety training services for an end-to-end, reliable approach that can cover all of your needs.